June 20, 2017

We have a couple of projects that we wanted to let folks know where coming down the pike…

The first is our Single Barrel Sour project. We have bottled, corked, and caged two of our “lambics” (we can’t technically call them lambics since they were not brewed in Belgium… just like you can’t call Champagne “Champagne” unless it was made in Champagne France). Both have been aging in Chardonnay barrels with one being approximately 3.5 years old at this point and the other being a little over 2 years old.

We have a few vintages of this beer and our intention was to produce a beer that was as consistent as possible by blending various barrels to get to an end goal of one beer. After a long blending session (I know… tough work… we really “suffered”), we quickly realized that the barrels were wiser than we were and did their own thing at their own pace. Ultimately, we had two fairly different beers that, we thought, were outstanding without any blending at all. At that point, we decided to skip the blending and release them, as they stood, as “Single Barrel Sours”. Each bottling was done from only one 59 gallon oak barrel so these will obviously be fairly limited releases.

These beers are resting comfortably and bottle conditioning in our “sour room” and are expected to be available mid to late summer. We’ll certainly keep folks posted.

The second project we are pretty excited to mention is being referred to as our “Summer Sessions” beers. Two blog posts ago, we talked about our water and the changes we’ve recently made to it. These changes are going to now allow us to focus dramatically more on the fine-tuning and subtleties of our beers.

I don’t know if it is smart or bad form to mention another brewery (I think it’s fine)…. but one of the aspects of Shaun Hill’s (Hill Farmstead) beers that we have a huge amount of respect for is the degree with which he/they are able to brew beautiful subtle flavors into their beers. Even the large, high-ABV, gnarly barrel-aged beers have beautiful hints of various flavors throughout them.

Our beers tend to be a little high in alcohol, which is actually NOT intentional, and also a bit on the aggressive side when it comes to flavor profiles. We think this new series of session beers, inspired by beers like Shaun’s (and others) and our ability to fine-tune our own water, will be a nice addition to our pouring list.

The first one, additionally inspired by Belgian table beers, will be a 4.0% ale fermented with a lighter Belgian yeast along with grain and hop bills of our own creation. We’ll be playing around with various yeasts, grains, and hops to hopefully produce some session beers for the summer folks will enjoy.

The first of this series will likely hit the tap room in about two weeks so keep an eye out.


BeerRyan K