We’ll take them!

Hi All,


Thanks to a very constructive conversation on Twitter, we recently began to appreciate a problem facing MA beer consumers. MA state law mandates that breweries only fill their own growlers. For this reason, folks are collecting huge piles of growlers that can only be used at one particular brewery. Up until that back-and-forth with customers, we didn’t realize the extent of the problem.

This law helps small breweries like ours maintain control over our brand. Please understand that it has absolutely nothing to do with “trying to make money off of growlers”. Bog Iron Brewing makes almost nothing on the bottle. The overwhelming reason we support this law is to protect our ability to manage our own brand and reputation through the use of our own packaging.

If customers don’t want to keep spending a material amount of money on growlers that are just going to be added to a growing pile…and we want to maintain control of our brand and packaging…how do we fix this problem? We don’t know if we have the perfect solution but we have an idea we would like to test for two weeks starting Saturday, November 5th.

From Saturday the 5th through Saturday the 19th, if you visit our brewery during usual tap room hours, with a growler that the law prohibits us from filling, we’ll recycle that growler and replace it with one of ours for only $1- the usual price is $4. The way we look at it, we would rather lose a couple dollars on the actual growler bottles than lose control of our own brand.

We’ll see how it goes for the two-week pilot and decide whether or not this is something we will carry on. See you at the tap room!

Brian, Frank & Matt

Bog Iron Brewing