When we opened Bog Iron Brewing, we weren't looking for something massive, we weren't looking to compete with the big boys (like Brian is known to say, “not every pizza place has to be Dominos”). Our mission from the beginning, which remains steadfast today, is to build a community space that is inviting and comfortable where the beer serves as a backdrop to inspire social interactions. Beer is a social beverage, best enjoyed among friends, and we want to combine that with our dedication to providing value with warm and friendly customer service, and pride in ourselves and our company. The entire Bog Iron team shares this passion and works to constantly improve the experience… whether it’s the over-the-top holiday light displays in the taproom or something simple like a friendly smile and an offer to help pick out the right beer for you.

This isn't to say that the beer is secondary in our mission. We, as a company, have dedicated ourselves to brewing high-quality, boundary pushing, but accessible, beers. While we do have artisanal products, such as our braggot series, single-barrel series, and other barrel-aged and historically accurate offerings, we don't believe you should need to be a serious beer nerd to enjoy our beers. You should be able to drink our beers, and enjoy them without worrying because you don't pick up on the “soupçon of strawberry essence” hidden in the background of the beer that only a professionally trained beer judge can find.

In general, our house rules are: its beer, not life and death, so don’t take yourself too seriously, we don’t. If you have a question, just ask and we’ll be happy to help you with no judgement. But, most importantly, enjoy the beer and have fun.

Our Mission