Frequently Asked Questions

On a daily basis, we get a number of emails, Tweets, Facebook messages, and phone calls from people asking a lot of the same questions, so in an attempt to assuage those asking the questions we’re going to answer the most common ones here.


What are your hours?

Wednesday 4pm – 9pm
Thursday 4pm – 9pm
Friday 4pm – 9pm
Saturday noon – 7pm

Do you fill growlers?

Yes, kind of. We currently fill 1-liter bottles for off-site consumption. We do not currently fill the typical 64oz growlers at this time.

Do you bottle/can your beer?

Yes! We currently bottle our beer in 16oz bottles to go. We try to have a variety of beer available in bottles each time the taproom is open, so check our website, Facebook, and/or Twitter for an up-to-date list of available bottles.

Do you fill growlers from other breweries?

No, per regulation of the Massachusetts Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission (ABCC) we can only fill our own glass.

When you purchase a growler they are yours forever and ever, we don’t take them back or exchange them. As such, we ask that you take good care of them. When empty, give them a good rinse with nice hot water (no need to use any detergent or soap) and leave them open to air dry and we will sanitize them prior to refilling them. We will not fill dirty growlers, so make sure they are clean!

Can I arrive before you open and quickly get my growlers filled?

No, please respect our hours and arrive during our normal taproom hours.

What is pouring today?

We work hard to keep our Facebook page, Twitter account, and website updated with the latest pouring list. Most weeks we don’t know what’s going to be pouring until that day, so if you keep an eye on Facebook, Twitter, or our website, when we know, you’ll know.

Do you sell kegs?

Due to the Massachusetts laws governing our license and pouring permit, we are not permitted to sell beer in quantities greater than 2-gallons in a single container directly to the public. Therefore, we can not sell kegs direct to consumers. We may in the future sell through a licensed retailer, but we have no immediate plans to do that.

Do any liquor stores carry your beer?

We are currently doing limited bottling of some of our beers. You can find out who may have them on the Find Our Beers page.

Do you guys sell pints at the brewery?

Yes sir! We offer full 16oz pours, flights of 4 4oz pours, and small 2oz samples of whatever we are pouring that day*.

* We do sometimes have pilot batches on tap for folks to sample, those are restricted to 2oz pours and are not available for bottle fills.

Can we open our growlers or bottles at the brewery?

No. Again, due to Massachusetts state law, growlers and bottles are meant for off-site consumption and may not be opened in the brewery.

Can I bring my kids and/or dog to the brewery?

Yes. Kids are welcome as are dogs. In regards to dogs, please keep them on a leash and please be mindful of the crowd in the taproom. Our taproom is relatively small, only about 900sq.ft., and it does tend to get very crowded and loud, which may make having a dog in the taproom challenging. Additionally, we may have folks in the taproom who are allergic to dogs, so please respect our request if we ask you to take your dog outside.

Do you donate to charities?

Yes, we do donate to charitable causes, however, we get multiple donation requests per day and do not have the resources to respond to every request that we get, as much as we would like to. If you have a donation request, please send it to and we will review it and if it something we can support we’ll be happy to do so.

I’m hosting a beer tasting, will you donate beer to my event?

Unfortunately, no. While we are sincerely flattered by these requests, we get several of them per week and even at 100% capacity, we couldn’t supply the amount of beer that these requests alone would require. As mentioned earlier, we are a small brewery and have a difficult time keeping up with the demand of our taproom and tap accounts. Additionally, pouring beer requires us to get permits and insurance, which can get very costly.

Do you do brewery tours?

Yes, but our ability to give tours is dictated by how busy the taproom is and how many people are on staff that day. If we are short staffed or the taproom is extremely busy, then we may not have anyone available to give tours.