August 12, 2017

We’re excited to announced the formation and launching of the Bog Iron… Bucket Fire Club! As a lot of folks know, we launched our own mobile phone app a couple of months ago and the creation of Bucket Fire Club is possible due to the “check in” feature on the app. The more you check-in from the tap room, the more you can earn free schwag and, ultimately, admittance into this very exclusive club.

We see this as a way to say, “thank you” to the large number of regulars we have, that, frankly, are likely going to be in the tap room anyway, so why not earn free stuff and get early access to bottle releases, event tickets, etc?

Some folks might be asking, “Bucket Fire? I don’t get it.” We’ll respectfully ask that folks who DO know the story, keep it among our inner circle and for folks who don’t know what it means… well… the more of a regular you are, the better the chances that you’ll hear the story at some point, and… isn’t that kind of the whole point of being a regular?

Check out the feature on the app for the various levels and start earning free stuff!


Bucket Fire ClubRyan K