By: Steph Ferrari at Bog Iron Brewing

If you know us here at Bog Iron Brewing, you know we appreciate good food. That’s why we reached out to Dan Whalen, author of The Food in My Beard, to introduce him to our beers. We had an instant connection with Dan. On December 3rd, he came into the brewery with four other fantastic people/bloggers and we had ourselves a day.

First and foremost, if you haven’t tried Dan’s recipes yet, we suggest you get on that. His creative twists on comfort food are dazzling. One of our founders Matt tried one of Dan’s mac-n-cheese recipes and it’s now becoming a regular in the Menard household.

We also had the pleasure of sharing the day with Matthew Simko, men’s style expert, blogger and host, his partner Dave Sawyer who was #1 at telling jokes (aside from Brian obviously), Georgina Castellucci, author of A Noted Life and founder of Boston Content Strategy, and Dan’s sister Joanna.

We started the day with a tour of the brewery. Two of our founders, Brian and Matt, led the tour and brought the group down memory lane. We started in the room where it all began and moved on to the larger brewing room where we now do most of our work.

After the tour, we enjoyed some light snacks and…. you guessed it…a lot of beer. The beers were very popular, and we’re pretty sure we tried ALL of them. The Devil’s Footprint was especially an instant hit with the group. And at the end of the day, we decided to pull some beer straight out of the rum and bourbon barrels because we all really needed that after several hours of drinking.

We don’t remember much, naturally. But here are our top five favorite things we do remember from our Bog Iron blogger beer bonanza (say that five times fast). We loved….

  1. When Brian served bowls of THE best chicken wings you’ve ever had. (Even the food experts agreed.)
  2. When we tried two different barrel aged beers separately and then blended them together. This was a great way to show how brewers and cooks work in similar ways.
  3. How one of our regulars took it upon himself to go home, get his bottle of Viskey Sour he had been saving, and bring it back so the group could sample it. That’s true generosity right there.
  4. When Georgina said “Why are you FRANKING him?!” (Inside joke…but necessary).
  5. How the taproom was covered corner to corner in Christmas lights and that there were two dogs at the bar…adding to the true feeling of community that was impossible to miss. Our new friends fit right in.

And now a BIG thank you to our staff for dealing with our thousands of requests for more sample glasses and more and more beer! And another BIG thank you to Dan, Georgina, Matt, Dave, and Joanna for making the trip to Norton to party with us. Come back soon!