As 2016 opens up we can’t help but take a look back at the year that was. While we accomplished a lot in 2015, we have even bigger plans for the coming year.

First and foremost we increased our footprint in the building we occupy. While we are still a small brewery we’ve grown significantly over the past few years now have a significant portion of the building, which has enabled us to do a lot more and expand some existing and add new ones.

By far, the biggest enhancement is the installation of our new custom built 15BBL 3-vessel brewhouse. This system will allow us to produce 5-times the amount of beer per batch that we currently do and, as we add fermentation capacity, it will allow us to produce many times the amount of beer per year than we currently can. This means that we’ll likely see increased taproom hours, distribution, and general availability of our beer.

We also added a bottling capability to our repertoire. While we are far from packaging large quantities of our beer in bottles or cans, we do now have the capacity to package our beer in a variety of bottle formats and we have plans for that capability.

Our barrel aging program was expanded significantly this year. In addition to the traditional lambic-style beer aging in chardonnay barrels and the Flanders red-style beer aging in Madeira barrels we added a pale braggot aged in Mezcal barrels and a light ale aging in chardonnay barrels on white grape must. While some of these beers won’t see the light of day for a number of years, the fruits of our barrel program were realized this year in the form of Devil’s Footprint, the Mezcal barrel aged braggot. We packaged Devil’s Footprint in 16oz bottles, which makes it our first barrel aged beer and released it for sale in our taproom.

in 2016….

A lot of you have been asking for a format other than growlers for our beer for awhile now and we’ve been listening and working toward that end. 2016 might see some different packaging options for some of our beers. We’re working toward offering a limited supply of some of our more popular beers in 16oz bottles. We’ll stop short of giving a time frame for that, but we are trying to make our beer more available and in various packaging formats to satisfy demand.

We also have plans to further expanding our barrel program. Stepping away from the standard bourbon barrel aged stuff, we’ve been working with Madeira, chardonnay, and Mezcal barrels, as mention previously. Expanding on that, we just brewed a big Baltic porter and stuffed it in Cabernet Sauvignon wine barrels to finish fermenting and age a bit. We’re also considering doing a beer aged in Sauternes barrels, and, potentially more Devil’s Footprint (Mezcal barrels are notoriously difficult to source reliably).

2016 promises to be fun filled with a number of exciting things going on throughout the year. Stay tuned…