Yeah, we are really horrible at keeping the blog up to date and we sincerely apologize for that.

So what’s been going on at the Bog lately? Well to be honest, lots of stuff! Most importantly our new 15 BBL brewhouse is finally installed! The only thing we are waiting on is getting the gas company to swap the gas meters around. Once that’s done, we can fire that baby up and get to brewing batches over 5 times the size we brew now. It’s starting to look like a “real” brewery back there.
Bog Iron 15 BBL Brewhouse

Along with a new 15 BBL Mash Tun and Brew Kettle and 30 BBL Hot Liquor Tank, we picked up 2 15 BBL Fermenters. Unlike the brewhouse, which was 3 months late and (unbeknownst to us,) coming directly from China rather than Connecticut (as we were led to believe.) The fermenters came out of Oregon and were delivered in under two weeks. The fermenters will be fitted with carbonation stones, so we’ll use them as unitanks. So, the beer will ferment in the tanks. We’ll drop the temperature on them, remove the yeast and carbonate the beer directly in the fermenter. This way we won’t need separate Brite Tanks.

But with only two big fermenters, we’ll be brewing on both the 3 BBL system and the 15 BBL system for the foreseeable future. After we write the final checks on the new brewhouse build out, we’ll see if there’s any money left for additional fermenters. If so, awesome! But we’ll likely need 6 or 8 big fermenters to be able to stop brewing on the 3 BBL system. As we save up profits, we’ll keep buying fermenters until we reach our goal of 10 or 12 big fermenters.

On a different subject, we took delivery of a small semi-automated bottling line. The first order of business for that is to bottle our Devil’s Footprint, a Mezcal Barrel Aged Braggot. This is going into 16 oz bottles, which should be available for sale out of the taproom and selected local liquor stores. The addition of the bottling line will allow us the flexibility of bottling batches, when we think it’s appropriate.